Tecar terapia Therapy – 5 Different Types of Relief Based on Your Conditions

Lower back pain therapy is continuously moving up for the best. The advances in technology will help us relieve lower back pain in as faster as we want.

The pain in the lower part of the back as we all know is a very common problem that majority of people are experiencing for the past years. There are a lot of root causes of such condition starting from having a bad posture, poor work environment that requires long hours of standing or sitting, accidents, and up to a sudden lifting, turning, reaching and twisting. Those will really give you a problem as to how are you going to be relieved from a dull to constant, sharp, intermittent, and radiating pain especially when numbness and tingling sensation can be felt in arms or legs. You nervously want to be treated to avoid being debilitated. Tecar terapia Napoli

When pain is no longer bearable, we then resorted to a medication intake, thinking that it’s the best solution for the problem. They are not aware of how much help can a physiotherapy brings to our back. It is a medical breakthrough that such help is already offered for people experiencing back issues.

Physiotherapy is a branch of health work that evaluates and provides treatment to individuals in developing, maintaining and repairing movement and function at its fullest potential throughout life. This includes providing treatment for a person who has experienced aging, injury and disease. As such, lower back pain therapy is also made available for people who can no longer bear the pain at the back keeping them out of function.

Here are some therapies for lower back problems that is proven helpful and effective:

Short term relief:

1. Heat therapy – is specifically useful for back spasms. This can help relieve acute or chronic back issues.

2. Massage therapy – this is done by an experienced therapist by doing acupressure or pressure point massage.

These 2 are used only for pains that are bearable and this can be done solely at home and proven cost effective.

Long term relief:

1. Low level laser therapy -this uses low-level lasers or light-emitting diodes to stimulate or reduce cellular function. Low level laser therapy has been used and demonstrated effective in the treatment of various disease conditions including neck and back pain.

It has been noted that this is widely use in Canada, Europe and Asia for over 30 years. It is proven safe and not painful.

2. Micro current electrical stimulation – it is a physical therapy modality providing electric current in millions. It has the ability to relieve pain (Chronic and Acute Low Back and Neck Pain), increase the rate of wound healing, and stimulate the regeneration of a damaged tissue. It is also non-invasive and safe.

3. Spinal decompression therapy -A long-term treatment options for treating low back (Lumbar) and cervical neck pain. It consists of a split table that is programmed by a computer to provide distractive forces along the the lumbar spine. The intensity of force is increased gradually to help prevent muscles from contracting in reaction to being stretched.

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