How to Decorate Wedding Cars

Wedding cars are as important as the wedding cake. They leave an everlasting memory for the couple as the car is the final and most essential part of the wedding. The getaway wedding car is special for a couple as they leave the venue of wedding in the same with good wishes for a happy married life from close friends and guests.

Usually, the wedding cars are decorated by the close friends and family of the couple as the bride and groom feel embarrassed to decorate their own wedding car. Close friends and family must take utmost care to decorate the car as beautifully as possible for the newly wed couple. ‘How to decorate wedding cars?’ is a question that often comes up in the minds of friends who take up the fun task to decorate the wedding get-away car.

Some friends are naughty and use the decorations to tease their newly wed friends. They try to make the decoration as hilarious as possible. Some keep it simple and elegant while some want the decoration to be as grand and fabulous as possible. Some prefer to keep the decoration stylish and unusual and a few stick to the wedding theme to make the wedding get-away experience memorable and fun.

Choose the right wedding car

An important thing to keep in mind is to choose the wedding car that would suit the wedding theme or color. A vintage car would go very well with a traditional wedding and a red car would go well if the color theme of the wedding is red. Before you think of decorations it is important to choose the car that would match the wedding theme rather than being the odd-man-out.

How to decorate wedding cars stylishly?


    • Bouquets and flowers are often used to decorate the cars but these can be arranged in a different and stylish way. For example, one can go for silk or craft flowers instead of fresh flowers and decorate the car according to the theme or floral decoration at the venue.


    • Use a simple white marker or a glitter to write romantic and funny messages on the car especially on the rear window of the car, one’s creativity can be pushed to limits to select funny phrases or change the standard messages of ‘Just married’ Jaguar Mark 5 Perth


    • Simply use red color paints or just your shaving cream to write fun messages, songs, or you can just paint cartoons, caricatures etc., to add more to the fun element of the get-away ceremony


    • Decorate the car with soft toys, pom poms and other party accessories to pep up the decoration and give it a cute look


    • Tie flowers with colorful ribbons to the door handles as well to complete the decoration


    • Colorful balloons can be tied on the top or sides of the car to add to the fun element, balloons with funny messages and paintings or cartoons would also make the car interesting


    • You can also tie some old shoes and beer cans to the bumper with a strong string that would be remembered and laughed out about the wedding car


  • Colorful wedding banners and stickers can be bought and personalized with the names of the bride and groom to give a personal touch to the car

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