Decorating a Hotel Room

Hotel rooms have to imply luxury. Whether two stars or five stars, there are numerous things that have to be decided individually but the whole room or macro setting also has to be taken into account and everything must work together.

Colours are one of the most essential parts of a hotel room. Of course, choosing the specific colour is partially dependent on the ambience of the hotel you want to create. Consider whether you want vibrant colours or pastels – the latter is probably better for sleep, but this depends on the hotel. For example, boutique hotels tend to choose a more vibrant colour palette. Colours should always work with each other and problems with clashing colours should be taken care of. Using a colour wheel will help with your choice of colour palette, avoiding any nasty clashes.

The fabrics used also reflect the mood you want to create for the room. Whether you want natural soft fibres or something a little more extravagant, it’s wise to make these decisions at the same time as choosing colours. Both colour choice and fabric are often dictated by the theme of the hotel.

For example, a hotel in Las Vegas will be very different in terms of style compared to a small B&B in Brighton. Choosing the styles that are suitable for your specific theme can take a lot of time, but it is essential to be quite absolute here, choose one specific theme and follow it through.

Themes dictate everything from colour, to fabric, to the cushions, beds and carpets and so are extremely important when decorating a hotel room.

Curtains and Blinds:
Your choice of blinds and curtains is dependent on many of the other factors in the hotel room, though should also be distinct. Hotels often choose curtains and blinds that block out any light. This is mainly due to the fact that hotel guests may enjoy sleeping at irregular hours and the ability to black out light is often a must.

The curtains or blinds should also complement the colour scheme and the theme of the room. This means the style; fabric and the texture should all be taken into account and are all important parts of choosing this functional and also aesthetically important part of the hotel room. 분당룸싸롱

Cushions and Runners:
Just as curtains and blinds have an element of style and function, so do cushions and runners. The must of course fit in with most of the rest of the room, décor and the colours – however, it is imperative that they are also comfortable. Great looking, very attractive but uncomfortable pillows are of little use to anyone and function will always rise above design here, as it will with duvets and bed sheets.

Wall Paper and Carpet:
The wall paper and carpet should also abide by the other parts of the room and fit in aesthetically. We all know that there’s little worse than off kilter wall paper, or horrible coloured carpet. The carpet covers most of the area of the hotel room and can be seen at all times and so if it’s the wrong shade, it could ruin the whole look of the room. The carpet must also be comfortable, clean and have a nice pile. This creates that air of cosiness and luxury that is essential for hotel rooms.


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